What we value


At the Dey Leadership Academy, we train our students to take initiative and lead others to make an impact.  We teach our students the tools to lead with confidence, to empower and get the best out of others, and to ultimately be prepared in their future careers and leadership roles.


The Academy gives its students the tools to be able to create change, and to approach systems and problems and create new solutions and ideas.  Originality and the confidence to share unique points of views and drive change, is taught throughout the curriculum. 

Accessible and Quality  Education

With the ever-growing interconnectedness of the world today, it is crucial that adequate educational opportunities are available and equal for all. The DLA would like to do its part in connecting the world and making sure that every kid can get the education they need to shape their world to become a better place.

Social Responsibility

The Dey  Leadership Academy focuses on integrity, doing the right thing, and making a difference for others, in order to make a positive impact on the world.