Our fundraising efforts are all to support the building of the school, and to fund the hiring of the school Principal and the best professors in Ghana. 


Tuition will be the means to fund the operations of this non-profit school, for years after.  Fundraising efforts will continue to help invest in the education and infrastructure of the school.

We are seeking funds, supplies and services to build the Academy


We have purchased the land in Accra, Ghana and we are working with architects on the school plans

If you can donate precious funds for this cause or can donate supplies or services please visit our gofundme site or send us a note 


The Dey Academy will be the first high quality educational institute of its kind.  And moreover, the first to build the best curriculum for K-12 with a curriculum centered on leadership, innovation, social responsibility.


The Dey Academy will be incredibly valuable for Ghana parents looking for high-quality education – wanting to develop their children into the brightest + best

Your contributions will help us deliver on our vision, launching the Dey with the best professors, curriculum, and facilities in Accra, Ghana

We would like to thank you for your support of the Dey Leadership Academy.  Carl Dey and his team at MIT—spanning deep expertise in education, marketing, operations, finance—is so excited to bring this vision to reality.