Dey Leadership Academy 

World-Class Education, for Tomorrow's Leaders


Why you should join

These are just a couple of reasons why we joined DLA, but we encourage you to find your reasons for joining.

Diverse Enviroment

Our Academy has many attendees with diverse backgrounds, identities, and interests. We have contributes from various nations.

Firsts to Happen

The Dey Academy will be the first high quality educational institute of its kind. Moreover, the first to build the best curriculum for K-12 centered on leadership, innovation, social responsibility.

Accessible Education

The Dey Leadership Academy aims to provide accessible Education to disadvantaged students and reconnect them to our society.

Accepting Community

The Dey Leadership Academy is a safe place for everyone to improve with no discrimination.


The Dey Leadership Academy ensures that every contribution will matter, touch a student's life and invest in their leadership future.

Expertise in education

The DLA is being built in Ghana with the assistance and collaborations of an elite set of business executives using principles and approaches to create a world-class institution. 


"We cultivate world leaders with a focus on public and community service."

Carl Dey

Founder at the Dey Leadership Academy

Ready to join and make a difference?

Go to our Recruitment page and fill out the application. We will notify you of your acceptance and get started on the orientation process. Any questions or comments can be directed to the Student Leaders (emails can be found in their bios on the Student Leadership page) or submit the Contact Us Form.