The Dey Leadership Academy is an Elementary School that is being built in Ghana. Through the leadership of Dr. Carl Dey, in memory of his father Carlos Sylvanus Dey, the Academy is being created from the ground-up with an elite set of business executives using principles and approaches to create a world-class institution. The business executives leading the design and establishment of this are all executive MBA students at MIT and are working together to design an innovative institution for children that develops world leaders with a focus on public and community service.


From the founder Dr. C.K. Dey:

"This is my latest project. Before embarking on this intriguing journey, I had doubts about finding all the answers. I didn’t know what tools would serve me best, and wasn’t sure what resources would be best suited for this type of work. However, months of hard work provided me not only with the answers, but also with new methods to help me explore the things that I’m most curious about. I believe that the result speaks for itself - check it out and let me know!"